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The Best Shark Dive in the World!
  • Ila - titanic Achievement!
    Bravo Ila. This is stellar, and obviously a labor of love. So here it is in its entirety. Recounted with much insight, knowledge, love and respect, behold the complete biography of the irreducible and unequaled Doc: brilliant and iconic Shark researcher, mentor and Mensch - and certifiably nuts to boot! :) Part one here, two here, three and final here! Enjoy!
  • Ritter and the Oxygen Myth!
    Watch. Oh yes he's still at it. By now, everybody and his dog knows that the oxy myth is nothing but moronic pseudoscientific BS - but you can trust the grand mufti of Sharkitarianism to continue regurgitating the same old tired diarrhea to his googly-eyed audience of credulous dimwits! But worry not. I'm not about to go repeating myself.
  • Terra Australis - Trailer!
    Source. I like this. I kinda reminds me of Pelagic Life - young people simply doing their own thing and living their own adventures in the ocean, all sans breathy self promotion. This time instead of Mexico the images are from Western Australia. Enjoy!

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